Our history

Plastibor’s significant growth in recent years is mainly due to its good positioning in highly competitive markets such as the electricity sector and our manufacturing of BMC products.

2003 Commencement.
2004 Start-up with 2 Thermostable machines (BMC).
2005 Purchase of 5 thermoplastic injection machines and automatic raw material feeding systems.
2007 Transfer of the company to the new facilities in Boroa (5,500m²).
2007 Purchase of 5 Thermoplastic injection machines and 3 Thermostable injection machines (BMC).
2007 Obtaining ISO 9001 certification.
2008 Start with the supply of automotive parts.
2014 Purchase of 6 thermoplastic injection machines.
2015 Purchase of of three-dimensional measuring machine.
2016 Implementation of the Warehouse Mobility management system.
2019 Purchase of 4 thermoplastic injection machines.
2019 New facilities for the Plastibor BMC plant (2,400m²).
2019 Purchase of 2 thermostable injection machines (BMC).
2020 Implementation of the MES system in production plants.
2020 Obtaining IATF 16949 certification.


Customer accompanimient.


Accompany our clients in the design and development of solutions in thermoplastic and thermosetting materials (BMC), with an active commitment to people and the environment.


Add value to clients.


Provide value to the most demanding customers through our commitment to sustainable growth, continuous improvement, cost efficiency, and the highest quality standards, together with our focus on innovation in processes and materials.


How do we get it?


Focusing on our 4 mail values 

1 | Commitment

We have a strong commitment to people, the environment, and customers.

Aitor Askarza Ferro

Quality, Environmental, and Prevention Manager

We maintain a strong commitment to the people who make up Plastibor, through the development and implementation of advanced human capital management systems, taking care of our environment, incorporating concepts of sustainability and reduction of the carbon footprint, and, finally, with the permanent search for the satisfaction of our customers. These are the commitments on which our present and future activities are based.

2 | Integrity

We are based on transparency, sincerity, and ethics.

Jon Iñaki Bilbao Apraiz

General Manager

We establish very long-term relationships with our clients, who place strategic components of their products in our hands. In addition to attending to and anticipating their needs, we must behave honestly and transparently to nurture the trust they place in us every day.

3 | Tolerance

We support social inclusion and equality between people.

Izaskun Barroeta García

Administration and Finance Manager

We implement policies that promote equality, encouraging a respectful and inclusive environment. It is important to raise awareness that an inclusive, egalitarian, supportive, and tolerant work environment will make us stronger and more resilient.

4 | Development

We look for innovation and efficiency in all our developments.

Andoni Larruzea Oarbeaskoa

Technical Director

The constant evolution in the development of new products made with polymeric materials makes innovation a key factor for our organization. Our main objective is to collaborate with our clients in designing their products and selecting the most efficient manufacturing process.